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When you choose the LKN PROS real estate team to represent you in your Real Estate needs you can be assured that you will be well represented. We strive to make sure we are abreast of changes in technology, and the advertising opportunities that arise with these innovations. Michael Morgan, team leader, has gained vast experience in the new construction and commercial fields, which makes he and his staff more than capable of representing you in any transaction.

About Nick Harmon

Nick is a native of Charlotte where he grew up near Lake Norman and attended the University of North Carolina. Spending several years working at a Marina as a manager he enjoyed motivating his team and seeing them succeed. He then moved to finance management.

After working many years behind a desk he realized HE MISSED HIS CUSTOMERS. What drives Nick is his passion for Customer Satisfaction; he has a big personality and lots of spirit. Where there is a will there is a way and he will find it for you by bringing the right resources and negotiations to bare. Committed to being successful at everything he does from work to home life. He has an energetic personality that is contagious with a history of building trusting relationships through effective communication skills and fostering collaboration between parties. He has the ability to listen, learn and assess the opportunity to create a compelling deal. He brings an aura of positive energy to make things exciting which inspires others to ACT!!

He loves the great outdoors, is passionate about the Queen City and what it has to offer and is fearless and acceptable of new challenges. He is a person of strong values, integrity and passion in all he does. He is all about the numbers and getting YOU the best deal. Start realizing your DREAMS today – you will not regret choosing Nick Harmon for his hard work and his overall great working attitude. His enthusiasm for competing and winning is infectious and you can definitely feed off of his energy.